New Gourmet Food Halls

Um conceito antigo, o Food Hall reúne sob um mesmo teto, restaurantes, lojas, mercados e estandes de alimentação. Cada vez mais interessantes (e nem sempre caros), eles estão aparecendo, e sendo re-inventados, em diferentes cidades do mundo.


Os novos (e os renovados) gourmet Food Halls:

Los Angeles: Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market, a downtown landmark since 1917, brings together the cuisines and cultures of LA.



New York: City Kitchen at Row, NYC

City Kitchen brings New York’s most desired and hyped food concepts to the bull’s eye of NYC – Times Square. Visitors and locals can delight in the city’s best dishes – without having to travel to taste them.



New Orleans: St. Roch Market

An iconic centerpiece of downtown, the St. Roch Market was a mainstay of the turn-of-the-century creole neighborhood carrying the same name. The St. Roch Market has returned, showcasing local produce, sundries and prepared foods from a talented and diverse line-up of chefs.



Rotterdam: Markthal

The Netherlands’ largest indoor market, with about 20 shops/restaurants and 90 different vendors, is an architectural destination.



Markthallen 003_1Markthal Rotterdam (architecture by MVRD)


Copenhagen: Copenhagen Street Food

Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen (Paper Island) in Copenhagen is the city’s first and only genuine street food market. In the small food trucks you can get delicious sustainable street food from all corners of the world – and enjoy it indoors in the raw halls or in the sun overlooking the city’s waterfront.



Florence: Mercato Centrale di Firenze

“For years, the upstairs floor of Il Mercato Centrale Firenze, which opened in 1874, sat empty. A recent renovation transformed it into the ideal Italian food court, stocked with a cheese monger, a craft-beer stand, a wine station, and stalls of salumi, pizza, gelato, fresh-made pasta, and chocolate.” (Saveur)



Madrid: Platea

“The former Carlos III cinema in Plaza Colón has been converted into a spectacular food market with restaurants, bars and stalls of myriad kinds, all overseen by three Spanish chefs with a total of six Michelin stars between them.” (The Guardian)



photos:2.New York Mag., 3.Rush Jagoe, 4.Michel Porro (via The Guardian), 5.via Boon Edam

As noivas de Cortana

Cortana é o nome da marca da designer espanhola Rosa Esteva. Ela tem lojas em Madrid, Barcelona e Majorca, e além de suas coleções de moda, já desenhou para o teatro, ópera e companhias de dança.

Seus vestidos de noiva são lindos e estão se destacando internacionalmente. Confira: