I do Poké

My favorite meal lately: Poké. The Hawaiian staple is basically marinated raw fish, with a variety of fresh toppings.

(Poké is one of the biggest trends in food, and poke restaurants are very popular in Los Angeles and are popping up in New York and the rest of the country).


We ordered this tuna poke beauty at Ohana Poké, during a recent trip to L.A.:



If you want to make your own poke, Food 52 has the best how-to guide:



From my kitchen:

IMG_0801 (1)


Planning a trip to L.A.?  These are great spots:

Ohana Poké

Sweetfin Poké

New York? Get the list from the New York Times :

Sons of Thunder (the NYT says it is the best!)


Wisefish Poké


(photo 2 by Linda Xiao, photos 1 and 3 by moi)

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