Summer still

Inspiração para celebrar o restinho do verão :


summerentertainingfnl-2000x860-1Saveur magazine




tumblr_lj6t96jWR11qh08rmo1_500In the Spirit of Capri


h1Perivolas, Santorini


ScoglioBLinguine Scoglio ( From the Kitchen)


O restaurante Hartwood em Tulum, Mexico: a nova meca culinária:


UnknownHartwood Restaurant, Yucatan / Hartwood book

“Eric and Mya are doing something extraordinary at Hartwood. They are living in rhythm with the nature of the place, and have become deeply connected to the Mayan culture: farming, gardening, foraging, harvesting, and exploring the unique and fascinating flavors of the land. The restaurant and this beautifully composed book are a tribute to the way of life they have created, and all that they have learned.”
—Alice Waters, owner, Chez Panisse


Porter Bird 05Andreea Diaconu for Mr. Porter

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