Okura Hotel: saving an icon

The iconic Okura Hotel, a 1962 Japanese modernist masterpiece designed by a team that included architects Yoshiro Taniguchi and Hideo Kosaka, is scheduled to be torn down in August 2015, to make way for a 38-storey glass tower. Let’s sign the petition started by Monocle Magazine to save it!






OB-VG765_okura7_H_20121107055057mosaic by Shiko Munakata (via wsj)




OB-VG762_okura4_H_20121107054435the Japanese garden


OB-VG763_okura5_H_20121107054630The Orchid Room




ba0ad46ba1a6fcf8be4a7134074b4e4c(via monocle)





More on saving Japan’s modern architecture: Tomas Maier in Japan


via savetheokura.com, monocle, japantrends

Assine a petição para salvar da demolição o hotel japonês Okura, um ícone da arquitetura modernista japonesa!


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