Haute Swimming

Summer is around the corner (for half of us): time to go swimming suit hunting!

First Stop: the international magazines.

These are actually wearable (or not?)

Italy: GIOIA  (photos by Zelinda Zanichelli)

Gioia_2014-06-07 (dragged) 3Calzedonia


Gioia_2014-06-07 (dragged) 6Maryan Mehlhorn, Louboutin sandals


Gioia_2014-06-07 (dragged) 8La Perla


Gioia_2014-06-07 (dragged) 14Freddy


UK: TATLER  (photos by Jam Patel)

Tatler - July 2014 (dragged)-1Hermès


Tatler - July 2014 (dragged) 2Missoni


Tatler - July 2014 (dragged) 3Tommy Hilfiger


France: ELLE  (photos by Hans Feurer)

ELLE_Fr_3570_Mai_Juin_2014 (dragged) 2Cariocacollection, Chanel


ELLE_Fr_3570_Mai_Juin_2014 (dragged) 13Huit


ELLE_Fr_3570_Mai_Juin_2014 (dragged) 15Georges Rech, DKNY


ELLE_Fr_3570_Mai_Juin_2014 (dragged) 16black swimming suit by ERES

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